Mental Health

Mental Health in kids – Needs to Addressed Urgently!

“Can a safe and trusting environment help alleviate mental health issues in children?”

Children and young adults often stand neglected when it comes to diagnosis and understanding of issues affecting their mental health, even though they are significantly vulnerable compared to an adult.

Normal psychological development in children occurs at earlier ages and is an important milestone in their developmental process. A process that evolves through the various experiences they encounter in life, growing up wherein, both nurturing as well as tougher life lessons have an impact, modulating and altering developmental pathways quite remarkably.

Often, red flags can be misinterpreted as tantrums, sibling rivalry and not pinpoint to behavioral changes accurately. The behavior of parents and caregivers in the proximity of their surroundings can play a major role in the child’s normal mental, physical and psychological development as well as affect their response to life situations like tackling tougher experiences with resilience and even fostering friendships. Often times, children understand life through the behavior of adults around them and in doing so, could be mirroring issues affecting adults than their own. This mirroring can be tough to comprehend or understand if the adults around them are not in a position to look deeper into their own lives and situations and feel disempowered to provide a safe and loving environment both for themselves and their families.

“Today’s kids should have balanced emotional well-being for the fast-changing world, Early age mental health building gives a long-term positive impact on child behaviors and well-balanced reaction to various situations”

Society plays a big role in shaping how circumstances can be empowering or stunting to a child or young adult’s growth and progress. Placing all capacities in a box, not honoring the unique abilities in each child can often lead to a wrong sense of failure and success which can be debilitating to the self-expression of an individual.

Bullying, whether it is within educational settings or on the internet can be a devastating experience for many children and young adults and leaves a lasting impression on their psyche.

Having a safe and trusting environment to grow and express can have a positive impact on the overall wellbeing of a child.