Parents Feedback

Ashvini D


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The holy grail is undoubtedly when passion meets profession. As parents, we feverishly wish that for our kids. What are the jobs of the future though ? With AI transforming our lives, it’s a no brainer that STEM roles are here to stay. CodeGeeko is a team with a mission to help parents like me future proof their kid's careers. Starting them young, keeping them rivetted to computer science by gamifying their experience and developing their logical reasoning with coding, with it being all fun has been the hallmark of CodeGeeko's program. The team is super committed, sincere, affable, constantly seeks feedback and works around the needs and the schedules of kids which is a rarity in the current commercial construct of enrichment classes. CodeGeeko's classes are an exception when it comes to having to constantly nudge your child to complete their homework and hop onto the class. They do it willingly and with pleasure. That speaks volumes of the teachers and the program. I wish for CodeGeeko to become a movement and for many more kids to benefit from this brilliant program. Go CodeGeeko!

Brindha Srinivasa


Parent Feedback

Codegeeko provides a carefully curated content for the kids' interactive learning experience. It's text based programming language gives the child a real coding experience and I strongly appreciate their pair programming concept that helps promoting peer to peer interaction. We are looking forward to a long and a productive learning journey and hoping for our ward to righteously ace in this domain.

Archana Shivakumar


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Initially, I was reluctant to join my daughter to this thinking why coding at this age but my opinion changed after the demo class as this was unlike usual "coding " classes. Now my girl is ever happy to attend the classes. Tutors at CodeGeeko are really doing a good job..hope this platform brings in new prospect to e-learning...Grow bigger...Cheers 😊



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I wanted to share that my son..Arjun prasad is taking coding classes from the past few weeks..He is enjoying the classes and motivated by the challenges that he attempts to do..its a lot of fun too.He looks forward to the classes...😀.keep it going

Shwetha R


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With both my husband and I coming from a STEM background, we often compare notes and discuss how we perceive coding. The key difference we noticed is the phase and the manner in which coding was introduced to our lives. He grew up learning coding, which became his passion while I undertook this more as an academic pursuit in college. We decided to introduce this concept to our child at an early age where he is curious and always learning. Enter CodeGeeko! CodeGeeko’s platform on text based scripting through their gamification model is definitely appealing, imaginative and fun for the children. The front end user interface engages them in a way where they feel like they are bringing a game to life using cool coding commands. This truly embodies the fun and creativity that CodeGeeko stimulates while teaching important concepts of logic and structure. The curriculum is well thought out, tailored for children at various age groups and gradually progresses to advanced levels only when a child is ready. My son looks forward to these classes and takes a lot of pride in what he is learning. The teachers are proficient, kind and accommodating. They demonstrate confidence and utmost patience with children while they navigate their way through a rather unique concept. Thank you CodeGeeko for making my child’s screen time productive.