CodeGeeko approach to build strong mental health for kids

Team in CodeGeeko continuously studies best practice and research on mental health building to integrate into our Coding classes

7 founding principles of CodeGeeko

We at codegeeko, continuously strive to integrate life lessons with coding


Encouraging kids to explore and self learn various ways to overcome obstacles or challenges


Building confidence by playing and fixing bugs in codes strengthens our ability to overcome obstacles

Set No expectations

Providing an environment where kids are not compelled by external forces , but from within

Embracing Mistakes

Encouraging to embrace mistake that would invoke strong learning process with no fear

Questioning the Status Quo

Questioning the “we have always done this way” to What If & Why Not !

Reaching Out

Asking for assistance in times of need is an important attribute to strengthen

Life Values

Encouraging them to learn life values such as helping , sharing, empathy etc.


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