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At CodeGeeko, students learn full-language coding using Python. And hands on, on JavaScript ,HTML, And CSS. Our course is derived form the US college Board that is developed by American Computer Teacher Association to bring the strong foundational skills in coding that is today already practiced in US and China etc.
i). Your child will learn by completing fun & interesting projects, challenges and capstone projects. Live Projects allow children to learn coding, and challenges help children use the knowledge they learned in new contexts. The more projects and challenges they complete, the more they will learn and understand. By completing projects students will learn critical concepts of coding and extend to Object-oriented programming.
ii). Kids will see the live projects where they the execution of codes, errors and learn to debug. As they continuous to do many levels they start developing their programming best practices
iii). In order to give them great challenge and make them more comfortable to coding, CodeGeeko runs Hackthon’s as well at the end of each course where your kid will be participating and winning cash awards.
CodeGeeko is designed to easily introduce beginners to foundational coding. You only need to know how to type and use computers! The program will guide the student from the basics of coding to high-level computational logic.
i). Yes, CodeGeeko is designed to guide students independently through full-language coding. While you may need to help set-up their account for younger children, our platform is intuitive & safe enough that children will be able to navigate and complete projects with our teaching and good practice sessions
ii). Students can also directly ask questions during the Practice 1 Hour session class which will be set up for all courses every week. During these sessions, All Kids will work through projects together based upon their skill level which will help them discuss which ultimately creates a team building environment.
Children are very imaginative and do not have limitations towards performing so that they find a good job later or become child prodigies. What we are doing is giving them a space to develop their interests, as well as help learn soft skills like collaboration, team work, helping each other succeed. If they go ahead and develop mobile apps, that's great but why put them under that pressure.
CodeGeeko teaches text-based programming, plus other skills that are necessary to being a well-rounded programmer. We teach students:
i). Translate ideas into code that can be used in real world coding deployments.
ii). Real world code development skills.
iii). Express and Communicate their code.
iv). Team work via combined class across countries.
v). You may or may not be thinking about the job prospects of your child yet, but through our platform, your child will get a jumpstart on gaining skills that will directly help them in the future, while they’re having fun.
vi). This foundational coding skill is for life where they can invent or create their own products!
360 Degree - Coding give 360-degree early learning development to kids. Programing give them great intro Arithmetic, Logical Thinking, Cognitive skills, Geometry.
Confidence - These kids when exposed to coding, gain strong confidence on their learning
Self-Exploration – Kids will explore their skill and this give a direction to new learning
Communication - Kids will start learning to communicate their ideas more clearly and can present their thoughts to others
Pair Programming – CodeGeeko have taken a strong step to get the kids way to exchange their idea and thoughts while working a team where they can show empathy, compassion to fellow team player when developing a new thing. This way they develop coding that will have best practices that is deployed in the Real-life scenarios
Positive Attitude – As kids continuous to explore they will see many errors, mistakes and failures in coding, this gives them a tremendous push in their thoughts to never give up when things go wrong, but find a solution
OutSmart - As we all agree world is moved to a new era of Artificial Intelligence, IOT where we will be working with robots, AI technologies which can possibly outpace us, hence we as humans need to have skills in programming and coding to develop many such technologies from healthcare, banking and many more.
a. Python is easy to use and learn for all ages
b. There are many languages like C, C++, Java, etc. These programming languages continues to be used, but Python adoption have outpaced them in many industries because of its strong community, ease of use and mainly in the Artificial Intelligence, Python is the core for majority new developments.
c. Python is one of the most used and implemented language in industries like Google, Facebook, Netflix , Instagram , IBM, YouTube etc.
d. Every 15 or 20 year once there will be a change in the programming languages, while Python continues to strengthen it position for longer duration than any other language
a. We do not want to compare to somebody just rushing to kids saying you can develop mobile apps or web in 10 days etc.
b. Their approach is to only touch the topics and not allowing kids to learn and explore the real coding.
c. Many are using the “Block-based” programming which is a programming method used for elementary needs.
d. We do not want to be teaching which is not or applied in the real life
e. We are focused on going after the strong hand written “Text based Coding”, which will give them an extraordinary skill for life and do what they love to create
Exactly, we are also here to teach them in the most fun way. As they will learn through playing interesting games that develops fundamental coding skills.
Yes, as per the education curriculum it is said that all the schools may implement coding as one of the subjects.
No , Pythion learning will enable them to get the concepts of programming and would continue to be relevant to learn other programing languages
Moving left and right is just the beginning,the course becomes more complex in advanced stages.
We don’t encourage kid to have 1:1 coaching as they don’t get the concept of team building. However, if you need to have personalized teaching, we would accommodate that accordingly to your needs.
It will help the kid in arithmetic, geometry, cognitive thinking, grammar, and it will build self-confidence as well.
We will again gauge your kid on the levels and admit her to the next course.
Yeah we do have many projects, and a valid certificate which fits the US standard curriculum
Your involvement is very minimal. That is why we are for, we will teach your kid to understand the concepts well and we have organized practice sessions every week.
That’s why we have arranged for practice sessions every week.

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